New Construction

Create a professional team: You, Addis Construction and our team of professionals
Develop a realistic budget and understand custom home pricing and options
Understand design and timelines

Building a relationship with our company means that we will make your dreams come true together. Our knowledge and experience alongside your wishes and dreams is a winning combination to design and build your perfect home. We will challenge ourselves daily with you in mind throughout the design and construction process. We will put you in contact with our suppliers who will inform you of the different products available. We will let you know of any changes that we would like to make to get you the best results. We will construct your home from start to finish with all of the stages described to you. We will be efficient in each phase of your home for continuous progress. We believe in sticking to deadlines and budgets. Sit back, relax and enjoy seeing your dream home become a reality.


Addis Home Builders

From restoring and maintaining the Old to Renovating and Building the New