From restoring and maintaining the Old to Renovating and Building the New

Addis Home Builders

Dear Mr. Addis,


Thank you for the services of your team & Thomas McRae, who have been working away at the six house projects for which we contracted with your business at our Porter’s Neck home. Their focused work is already making a wonderful difference in our house. They came right in, assessed the projects, prepared the tools needed, and worked away until the projects were completed, AND cleaned it all up beautifully! My husband and I are very impressed.

Please do share with others our high recommendations of their competence. If folks would like to talk with us, please give them our contact home number – and/or arrange for them to come by and see the accomplished work.



Mrs. Carol Bower Johnson

Dr. Burt P. Johnson


I just wished to express my appreciation for the work your company has done over the past year. It is always a challenge today to find a company that does quality work at a reasonable price and I think you certainly meet that criteria. And, if a problem ever does occur you are quick to respond and assure the satisfaction of my clients. In fact, I am always amazed when you go above and beyond the scope of work to do things you don’t need to do just to make a customer happy. Overall, I don’t believe I could find a repair contractor on a higher level than your company. Keep up the good work and expect more requests for bids and work in the future.


- Stephen J. Sulkey, CMCA, AMS, PCAM (Professional Association Management, Inc.)


We first called Addis Construction at the suggestion of our realtor. Our house in Hampstead, a marsh side cedar contemporary, was being sold. The home inspection revealed some bad wood and other minor problems with the structure. The bid directly addressed the items on the inspector’s list, was specific as to time and cost. The work was completed on time. We were pleased with the quality of the work.

The real test for Addis came when we bought a 97 year old home in historic Wilmington. Our first job for the crew was to correct the discrepancy list from the home inspection. This consisted of rebuilding several windowsills and some minor roof work in the eves. While we had them on site, we asked Addis to put in a front fence and replace the front walk. Again, the work was on time and budget and the craftsmanship superb. But this was only the beginning.

The home we purchased in the historic district was an up/down duplex that we wanted to return it to a single family residence. This entailed removing two entry walls and a kitchen, moving a bedroom into the space that once was a kitchen and moving the upstairs kitchen into the downstairs bedroom. You can imagine the necessary plumbing and electrical changes that were required. Did I mention that we also converted a back porch into a storage room, and relocated the back door, adding a new porch? All of this while we continued to live in the house.

As anyone who has had an old home knows, nothing is as easy as it seems. After removing the apartment wall in the front room, the ceiling had to be jacked up and a beam placed across the span. The new bedroom needed its floor raised by six inches and 90 year old wainscoting had to be reproduced. All of this was met with calm efficiency by the Addis crew. Now that we have a coat of paint on it, the reproduction is indistinguishable from the original.

As with any project of this type, there were changes and additional items added on. Each change to the original contract was fully explained and the added cost and time noted. The job was completed on time with no surprises about the final cost.

We highly recommend Addis Construction for jobs of any size. We have used them for work on a 12 year old contemporary home and a nearly 100 year old historic home. Not only was the work done on time with no unforeseen cost, the work was impeccable. The crew was always polite and courteous. At the end of each day the workspace was swept and tools and material put away. We trust every member of the Addis team and the sub-contractors that were chosen to work on our home.


- Alan and June Craddick


These days it is difficult to find contractors that offer quality work at a very good price. Just trying to find a contractor that will show up every day and finish on time is something of a myth. My real estate business relies on people like Addis Construction to ensure that the repairs are done before closing so my clients can move in stress free. Whether it is new construction, additions or closing repairs I know that Addis construction will reach above and beyond. All of their trades people are timely, well-mannered, experts in their field and tidy! Thanks to Brooks Addis and his team, all of my clients have the satisfaction of a great experience.

"...During the construction Addis Construction kept myself and the owners of this project informed every step of the process. If an unsuspected problem arose they had reasonable solutions ready when they called. The working relationships that they have with sub-contractors, be it those of their choosing or ones we asked for them to use. I have the utmost respect and admiration not only for Brooks Addis, but of everyone who works for this firm, and would not hesitate to have them build another home for any of my clients the future. Addis Construction is not only a great construction company, but also they are true professionals of their trade."


- Tina Abraham


During the recent construction of our personal residence I was impressed by Brook's creativity in working with us to make "on the fly" changes that enhanced the value and livability of our new home. His goal is to build a home that both himself and the homeowner can be proud of in the end. He was always willing to take as much time as needed to iron out all of the details during the construction. In today's hurried up world it is nice to work with someone who treats your new home as if it were his own.


- Brad Tillery


We are in a 1912 historic firehouse, a beautiful two story building with the original bell tower. Last summer we experienced some leaks. Addis Construction came in, sealed the leaks successfully, and fixed and finished the ceiling and window frames. They did a beautiful job on a difficult challenge.


- Robert West, Co-Founder and Executive Director (Working Films)


I'm writing to you to say thank you to Addis Construction for all the hard work that was done first on the physician's office on our campus which you finished on schedule. I would also like to thank you for the great job that your guys did on our west wing project, again on schedule. The job on the west wing was done with care and patience working around our residents, making sure saftey came first. Your team performed quality work for our campus.


- Charles Long, Executive Director (Davis Health Care Center)

Dear Brooks,


Lisa and I want to thank you and your crew for the wonderful renovation and remodeling project on our residence in the Millbrook subdivision and offer this unsolicited testimonial to the quality, creativity and efficiency of your work. We now have a home we love instead of a house we live in.


We solicited proposals from multiple contractors, and from the get go Addis was the most responsive overall and especially with regard to our request for creative input and flexibility. You worked closely with us to refine our plans and offered many good ideas – even if they resulted in lower cost. We did not pick the contractor with the lowest cost or the highest cost – we picked the right contractor.


As someone who has spent an entire career in the design and construction industry I was impressed by your contracting and record keeping methods and very upfront documentation of changes that we engendered or circumstances dictated. When any unanticipated conditions occurred you quickly developed and explained alternate solutions.


The heart of any good construction process is the crew; your highly skilled crew did excellent work in a timely, efficient and safe manner. Additionally the crew worked with us and you, to come up with creative solutions and unique features that added character to the house. It was obvious that they enjoyed working for Addis Construction and always went the extra mile to make sure the job was done right and the customer satisfied.


Just as important as the crew, are the subcontractors and suppliers. We have basically come to the conclusion that any sub or supplier that you use or recommend has the “Addis Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval” which is as good as gold.


We, especially Lisa were impressed with the excellent housekeeping during the job, your crew at your direction made sure we were never inconvenienced and dutifully cleaned up the site every day. We did not feel like we were living in a construction zone.


We could go on forever, but suffice to say that Addis “listened” to us and helped us to convert an 80’s “Brady Bunch” lookalike house to a breezy coastal cottage that literally stops traffic on our busy street. We thank you and would be happy to provide references and give tours to your prospective customers.


-Wayne Kruse and Lisa McLeod


In March of 2009 we closed on a lovely old home in the Historic District of Wilmington. It was built in 1884 and was structurally sound but was greatly in need of renovation and restoration. We interviewed seven contractors for this job and Brooks Addis was easily our first choice. We were immediately impressed with his quiet and calm demeanor and knew he would be pleasant to work with. He listened closely to our hopes for what our home could become and within days Mr. Addis had on my desk drawings of the house as is and three plans for what it could be.


We were on a tight time line and conservative budget and for us time was money. Mr. Addis was the only contractor who did not scoff at our time line and we came in only a few days over. He also provided detailed written estimates so we could easily understand how much each project would cost so that we could add or delete projects as our budget allowed. His office manager, Kim, is very organized and always updated our invoices so we could quickly see where we were with our restorations. We never found any fault with her accounting and we followed very closely.


The entire staff of Addis Construction is pleasant and skilled in their craft. All of the men are honorable and have lovely manners. And each time they were in the house after we moved in they were very respectful of our tidy nature and cleaned up after themselves. In fact we grew quite fond of each of them. The craftsmanship of the team is excellent and in many places one cannot distinguish the new from the old in this project.


In summary let me say that we came in on budget and on a time line no one else could achieve. The Addis Construction Team helped us turn our old house into our dream home. We are very pleased with the end results.


-Phoebe Dellinger Bragg

-Captain Terry Bragg, USN


Thank you Brooks, Kim and the rest of the crew for the fast and efficient remodel/addition you recently completed. We are enjoying use of the new space and we look forward to upcoming completion of our Kitchen project and hopefully “near future” additional remodel.


-Catherine Chance


Just a brief note to thank you for your recent work on our home. Very professional, outstanding service. Thanks so much.


Highest regards,


-Brian K. Brodwater


Dear Brooks and Company,


Al and I wanted to thank you and your staff for the recent work you did at our home in Landfall. Your guys were very clean and courteous and the work was done in a very professional and timely manner. It isn't often these days to find a construction company that strives to do their very best and to put their clients satisfaction first!


By the way, in case you haven't heard it lately, your office manager Kim Carver is a delight! She is also a top notch professional, you should be very happy about your team.


Please feel free to use us as a reference for your other clients.


Many Thanks,


-Kitty and Al DeMaria


The folks at Addis Construction have done two projects for us – a patio addition and a master bath renovation. We have found that one of Brooks’ strengths is his creativity in the planning stages, the ability to look outside the box so to speak, sometimes coming up with very original ideas. Also, his teams – that is in the office and on the job – have always been willing to go the extra mile for us in order to make everything right.





Dear Addis Construction Team:


We want you to know how much we are enjoying our new home and the upgrades that you made for us. Being new to Wilmington, our real estate agent recommended we talk to Brooks Addis about cost estimates to upgrade a home we were considering buying. Without any commitment on our part, Brooks met with us, patiently heard what we envisioned and provided quotes - for two separate houses - on the desired work if we moved forward.


As it turned out we had to significantly scale back our plans once we purchased our new home due to the recent financing environment, but Brooks and the Addis team continued to treat our projects with a high level of attention. They completed the projects on time, even though several changes were made once the project began. At each step the cost effects of requested changes were presented before the work began. Working with Brooks and the team was very enjoyable.


At the end we were very happy with all the upgrades and are enjoying our new home much more. We look forward to working with Brooks and the Addis team again in the future to continue with our plans for renovating our home further.


-Phillip and Nathalie Hanna


"I received a few estimates for work on my home. My friends told me to call Addis Construction for honest and professional estimates. Addis Construction gave me the name of an engineer to simplify the project. It was a great move. The other contractors wanted to charge me $30,000 for the work that Addis Construction and their engineer said was not necessary. The final estimate for corrective construction was $4,510. Addis Construction saved me over $35,000 and they saved me from being financially taken by others. Addis Construction has the finest reputation for honesty and professionalism. Thank you so much."pe your paragraph here.